School Bus

Public Notice

Randolph Central School Corporation is shifting morning bus routes.  The shift in morning bus routes is being done to create time for extended professional development as well as more frequent teacher collaboration to enhance student achievement and growth.  State and federal mandates and accountability require more teacher training and collaboration.

This will NOT impact Deerfield Elementary School as their routes accommodate this change.  Specific details for each family will be communicated by the transportation department as the bus routes are built this summer.  There are two things Randolph Central would like to convey at this time:

  1. Morning bus routes, excluding Deerfield Elementary School, will run up to 15 minutes later each day.  Afternoon routes will not be effected.
  2. The doors at Winchester Community High School and Driver Middle School will open for drop off at 8:00 AM instead of 7:30 AM.

Thank you!

Rolland Abraham, Superintendent of School