Driver Middle School
Winchester, Indiana
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  • About Us

    Driver Middle School is a 6th grade through 8th grade facility that services over 325 students.  Our student academic and social progress is of the utmost importance to our faculty, staff and administration.


    Our challenge for you:

    Get Involved in YOUR child's education!!  Every student is strongly encouraged to get involved in clubs and sports teams. Getting involved helps students to make new friends. Clubs are open to every student and they have many exciting fieldtrips throughout the school year.
  • What's Going On?
    Office hours 7:20-3:20
    School hours 8:00-3:15

    As you can see the holiday season is quickly approaching. This year in order to help others we will be conducting our annual canned food drive. The drive will take place the week of November 30th – December 4th. We are choosing to switch things up a bit this year though. We will only be having 3 dress up days this year and the last two days of the week will be used for students to buy stockings that will be hung in the gymnasium for only $1.00 per stocking. We will follow the theme “Working together to stock up for the season”. If the students wish to bring in 2 cans instead of $1.00 that will also work to purchase them a stocking to have hung over our fireplace. We will be tallying our cans by FLEX classes. The FLEX class that brings in the most cans will be rewarded with a pizza party. Our school goal is 2000 cans. If we can reach this goal, one of our administrators will perform a task, which may be a bit uncomfortable for them. Please know that we appreciate your donations. We ask that students bring in non-perishable items. Please refrain from bringing in glass items and items with an expired date. We want the students to have fun with this, but also realize that they are helping families in need.

    Monday – Tie Dye Day (wear tie dye for $1.00 or 2 cans)

    Tuesday – Hat Day (wear a hat for $1.00 or 2 cans)

    Wednesday – Ugly sweater day (wear an ugly sweater for $1.00 or 2 cans and win a prize for having the ugliest sweater)

    Thursday – Purchase Stockings for $1.00 or 2 cans

    Friday – Purchase Stocking for $1.00 or 2 cans

    11/24 - 7/8 BB @ Richmond Test 5:30
    11/25, 11/26, 11/27 - NO SCHOOL

    Boys and Girls interested in 6th grade Basketball will meet during lunch on Monday. Tryouts will begin on Tuesday.
    *remember you must have physical and concussion form on file*

    Wrestling will be announced at a later time.
    *remember you must have physical and concussion form on file*

    11/30 - 7/8 GB @ EJay
    11/30 - 7/8 BB vs EJ (H)

    12/1 - 7/8 BB @ RS
    12/2 - Band sign up for CURRENT MUSIC Students (grade 6) 5:00-7:00
    12/2 - Science Club ornament making 3:15-4:30
    12/3 - 7/8 BB @ Centerville
    12/3 - 7/8 GB vs. U City (H)
    12/4 -Activity pictures / group pictures
    12/7 - 7/8 BB @ Hagerstown
    12/7 - 7/8 GB vs. Delta (H)
    12/7 - FCA Canned Food Drive (pick up)
    12/8 - Choir Christmas Concert - 7:00
    12/9 - 7/8 BB vs. Wilson (H)
    12/10 - 7/8 BB @ Union City
    12/10 - 7/8 GB vs. Selma (H)
    12/11 - 7th grade students travel to A Christmas Carol at Indiana Repertory Theatre
    12/13 - 7/8 Band Christmas Concert 2:00
    12/14 - Christmas Walk - Grade 7 performs at 6:30 / Grade 8 performs at 7:30
    12/15 - 7/8 BB vs. Selma (H)

    Remember - students joining athletic teams must have both a physical and a concussion form on file !

    Athletics:  check the athletics link for locations and starting times.

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